What makes our gym different than other local CrossFit gyms?

FENTRESS CrossFit was built to change the lives of everyone who’s given up on the gym!  We truly believe that CROSSFIT or similar group fitness programs CAN BE DONE BY EVERYONE!

At FENTRESS CrossFit we have CrossFit classes and these other group training classes:

  • 50+FIT Program (starting in September 2015)
  • SweatBox

No matter your fitness level, EVERYTHING can be modified.  We love beginners and believe proper, consistent form is truly important!

READY TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE?  View our SCHEDULE, call about starting a BOOTCAMP class or jump right in, to our NEW Sweat Box classes!  Our 50+Fit program, designed for anyone age 50 or older starts September, 2015.

We promise you’ll feel welcome at FENTRESS CrossFit!

 More about Bootcamp                               More about SweatBox                        More about 50+Fit